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We Are Lennon-Aid

Each year, numerous children in America and beyond receive devastating diagnoses, facing life-threatening, life-altering, and often fatal illnesses.

Families caring for critically and terminally ill children are grappling with the overwhelming financial burdens associated with medical bills, travel expenses, parking fees, dining costs, and more. Many of these families, with one or more parents on unpaid leave, find themselves unable to cover even the essential daily expenses.

Our mission at Lennon-Aid is to provide financial assistance to families dealing with critically and terminally ill children, enabling them to stay together during hospitalizations and treatments. Through generous donations and sponsorships, Lennon-Aid offers support for mortgages, rent, utility bills, phone expenses, grocery and gas cards, parking tolls, and emergency needs such as auto repairs, housing for long-distance care, airline tickets, and more. 

The Lennon-Aid Foundation, established in 2016, draws from the firsthand experiences of Marci and Zack Walther, who personally endured the hardships, heartaches, and stresses associated with having a critically ill child.

Lennon Marguerite Walther was born on March 24, 2015. Just shy of six weeks old, Lennon was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Immediately transported by ambulance, Lennon commenced treatment at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio. Following Lennon's diagnosis, Marci initiated a Facebook page, "Lifting Up Lennon," rallying prayer warriors and sharing updates throughout Lennon's cancer journey.

In less than a month, Lennon garnered over 24,000 followers worldwide, all lifting her in prayer. Completing one round of chemotherapy while moving between the oncology floor and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Lennon responded well to treatment, but her compromised immune system made her susceptible to other illnesses. Unfortunately, Lennon contracted fungal pneumonia, leading to her sedation and placement on a traditional ventilator. Later, she was transitioned to an oscillator as her health declined.

Regrettably, Lennon never left the hospital after her diagnosis.

Lennon's indomitable spirit provided encouragement, hope, and renewed faith to tens of thousands of followers. After four weeks in the PICU, doctors declared that there was no medical or scientific explanation for Lennon's continued presence.


On June 1, 2015, her kidneys ceased functioning.

Surrounded by family and close friends, Lennon was placed in her mommy's arms, and went to dance with Jesus.

This is all for our Tiny, Mighty, 8-Pound Warrior.

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